Multi-loan repurchase and indemnification demands pose enterprise-level threats to mortgage producers, from publicly-held institutions to independent mortgage banking companies. Having survived the economic meltdown, today's producers are now beseiged with lawsuits by the same institutions whose unscrupulous loan securitization practices precipitated the meltdown. Our firm is on the front lines of the largest and highest-profile mortgage repurchase and indemnification litigation in the nation, defending cases involving hundreds or even thousands of loans at a time. We litigate in California, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, and other jurisdictions, defending claims brought by JPMorgan Chase, Residential Funding Company, LLC (now the ResCap Liquidating Trust), Bank of America, Lehman Brothers, CitiMortgage, and others. In 2017, we became the first law firm in history to defeat CitiMortgage on summary judgment in a repurchase case pending in the U.S. Eastern District of Missouri.